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Project Budget Control

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3D BIM Models / MTO

Architects can provide a Revit model in most projects. Sanria can create a Revit model for cases where no Revit model is provided. We then import the Revit model into Tekla. During this import we are also able to evaluate the structural issues. Subsequently, we use our in-house software to design and apply the connections. Thus, Sanria can provide a fully connected 3D model at a very early stage in the project. Because of several engineering functions being undertaken by our AI based software, we can do this real fast and keep human errors to a minimum.

Material Budget Control

Material Budget Control

We use our in-house software to design and apply the connections. The software uses AI & ML technologies to evaluate and apply the connections with engineering judgement. This software has been developed by Sanria over the last 3 years. We have been able to create a completely connected model for 2,700 T job in about 4 days. Using these cutting-edge technologies, Sanria provides high accuracy MTO at the bid stage inclusive of connection materials in a very short time. This gives less room for material cost variations in the project.

Project Timeline Control


Sanria has implemented AI & ML technologies making our software capable of checking the feasibility of every connection exactly like an experienced engineer would. When infeasible connections are discovered, the software notifies the requirements for an RFI. The whole process is very fast. The connection application process for a 2,700 T project took just 6 hours. This helps us raise the RFIs much earlier than the conventional process providing for more time for the owner’s engineers to respond to the RFIs. This mitigates the risk of project timeline overrun.

Project Budget Control

Cost control

Preparation of an early 3D model with connections provides accurate material take off. The use of the AI based software ensures that the human errors are minimized. The automated process for identifying infeasible connections ensures that RFIs are not missed out. The speed of processing using our tools provides time advantage for everyone in the project. Having isolated all the cases of potential change orders in the first design, it is rather easy to evaluate and approve the change orders that arise genuinely due to design changes.